GOINGnative: False Solomon’s Seal

    GOINGnative: False Solomon's Seal By Barry Glick

    Article from Washington Gardener, Summer 2012

    I had to go to England!!! Yes, I had to go to the UK to be enlightened about a plant that grew in my own backyard. In my defense, I was so much younger then and much less enlightened. But here’s the short of it. In 1992, my friend, Dan Heims, and I spent two solid weeks travelling around the UK visiting gardens, plant collections, and friends. It was a plantsman’s dream trip starting off with two nights as the guests of Agatha Christie’s daughter, a day with Beth Chatto, a day with Elizabeth Strangman, and many other legends of British gardening and culminating with a full day, sun up to sun down, of Dan and I strolling around Wisley with Graham Stuart Thomas just the three of us. (I’d use a few exclamation points here, but I’ve been told that I use too many!)...

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    About the Author:

    Barry Glick is the self-proclaimed “King of Helleborus” and owner/manager of Sunshine Farm & Gardens (, a mail-order plant nursery nestled on 60 acres on a mountaintop in Greenbrier County, WV. Barry grows more than 10,000 different plants and specializes in native plants and hellebores. He can be reached at 304.497.2208 or mailto:[email protected]