Ohio Chapter History

    The Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects has its roots in a historic three-state chapter that included Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. As the ranks of landscape architects grew, this tri-state chapter split into three single-state chapters that are still in existence today.

    Home to many national officers of ASLA, the Ohio Chapter has been a leader in the profession of landscape architecture for decades. The Ohio Chapter hosted the 1985 National ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO in Cincinnati, and the 1995 National ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO in Cleveland.

    National ASLA presidents elected from the Ohio Chapter include William Behnke, FASLA of Cleveland; Robert Mortensen, FASLA of Toledo; and the late Jot Carpenter, FASLA, former Ohio State University landscape architecture department chairman. Don Leary, FASLA from the Maumee Section of the Ohio Chapter has served as ASLA national Vice-President of Finance. Other past national Vice Presidents from Ohio include Virginia Russell, FASLA of the Miami Section and Kathleen Fox, FASLA of the Buckeye Section. 

    Current Fellows of the ASLA from Ohio include:

    Bassett, James H.,1981

    Behnke, William A., 1975

    Behnke, William Lee, 2006

    Bentley, John, 2008

    Bonnell, Thomas H., 2001

    Booth, Norman K., 1999

    Breeden, J. Brooks, 2002

    Cawrse, Craig, 2005

    Creed, George E., 1984

    Espe, Richard W., 2015

    Fox, Kathleen M., 1997

    Hills, Arthur W., 1999

    Hiss, James E., 2004

    Kinzelman, Brian, 2015

    Knight, Charles L., 1995

    Lasch, Mary Ann, 1998

    Leary, Donald F., 2005

    Manning, Christopher H., 2017

    Martin, Eugenia, 2014

    McKnight, Alan D., 2016

    Meisner, Gary W., 1990

    Mersky, Dennis J., 2010

    Meyers, Richard J., 1982

    Mickelson, Edwin, 2008

    Myers, Keith A., 2011

    Russell, Virginia Lockett, 1997

    Schmalenberger, Tim, 2013

    Smith, Jerry A., 2010

    Walquist, Lawrence W., Jr., 2007

    Zarfoss, Thomas F., 2004