Playground Development Extremes

    2014-08-01, Department, by Steve Casey, RLA, ASLA 

    For more than 40 years, South Lea McKeighan Park was the home to youth baseball in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. When baseball leagues were relocated, the 11-acre South Lea McKeighan Park was relegated to a practice field site and needed attention and updating. The park’s highly visible location at the corner of two busy streets gave vision to a special type of park redevelopment.

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    BerlinerSeilfabrik - Project of the Month July 2014

    Dear playground enthusiasts,
    On a monthly basis the Berliner design department shares with you projects deserving special attention. It may be because of the unique play value, the customization, the out of the box installation, or simply the unique color choices. Whatever it's going to be, we hope you'll find it inspirational. Enjoy!

    Typically at this point we would be bragging about the featured product’s superb quality, the unmatched play value and its striking aesthetics – a very unique package benefiting owners, users and designers alike. Today, though, we’ll do it slightly differently and instead let the media talk. Please click on the link for news clips to get a feel for what makes Berliner playgrounds so distinctive and how we contribute to making a difference in the world of play.

    To briefly quote one of the users interviewed on site: “you see everything that you would see in a park but better and bigger!”

    More to come next month. Stay tuned!

    Your creative team from Berliner.

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