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    Cut/Fill 2020

    July 23, 2020
    11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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    It’s Time

    We won’t be able to fully understand this moment until it has passed. But right now we are in it.

    We are all in it.

    Can we afford to be stagnant while the world is changing?

    What are the challenges and opportunities for the field of Landscape Architecture as we move forward in this unprecedented time of a global pandemic and civil unrest from racial injustices?

    The purpose of this conference is to help us identify the changes we want to make to our own profession and to take the first steps to do so. COVID-19 knocked our society onto its heels; it made us pause. The attention towards racial injustice has only amplified the need for landscape architects to take an active role in the healing of our society.

    This online conference will provide space for discussions.

    You — the participants — get to propose the topics that will be discussed and to set the agenda for reform.

    How it works

    Cut/Fill is participatory and collaborative; it is an Open Space unConference and you are invited to speak and share, pose questions or ask for input. We will have a trained open space facilitator to make sure we are properly organized.

    The agenda will be created live each day by attendees present at the opening of the day. Anyone who wants to host a session that day will announce the topic and choose a space and time. You choose which breakout session to attend.

    You'll have plenty of chances to exchange ideas and make new professional connections. You can see the growing list of potential topics here put forth by those who have already registered.


    Thursday July 23rd: 11:00 - 5:00 pm EST + Live DJ from Berlin and Post-Event Networking

    On Day 1 we will begin with two short panels, set our agenda, and converse.


    Friday July 24: 11:00 -3:30 pm EST + Post-Event Networking

    On Day 2 we will co-create based on what we discovered on Day 1.


    What we discuss and what we build will be up to us — each of us.

    On July 23 and 24, let’s talk with each other, think with each other, and respectfully challenge each other’s ideas in order to build upon them.

    The years ahead will not be the same as the years behind; let’s be intentional about how we want them to unfold.

    This is a conference where we will make important steps towards crafting the path forward for our field.





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