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    2016 OCASLA Annual Meeting + EXPO

    May 06, 2016
    7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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    Center for Science and Industry (COSI)
    333 W. Broad Street
    Columbus, OH 43215

    2016 Ohio Chapter ASLA Annual Meeting + EXPO

    Join the Ohio Chapter of ASLA on Friday, May 6th at COSI for one of the biggest Chapter gatherings of the year. 

    This year's meeting offers 4 Sessions that are worth 6 LACES CEUs (4.5 HSW and 1.5 Non-HSW). Our Vendor EXPO will be available to all registrants throughout the day, so come see what new products they are offering for 2016!

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    2016 Ohio Chapter ASLA Annual Meeting Fees

    Early Bird Fees (January 11th - February 28th) --- ENDED!

    • Member Ticket - Full Day $150  - Half Day $75
    • Non-Member Ticket - Full Day $200 - Half Day $125
    • Allied ASLA Member Ticket - Full Day $150  - Half Day $75
    • SCASLA Member Ticket - Full Day $30 - Half Day $25
    • Non-SCASLA Member Ticket - Full Day $40 - Half Day $35


    Normal Fees (February 29th - April 17th) --- ENDED!

    • Member Ticket - Full Day $175 - Half Day $100
    • Non-Member Ticket - Full Day $225 - Half Day $150
    • Allied ASLA Member Ticket - Full Day $175 - Half Day $100
    • SCASLA Member Ticket - Full Day $30 - Half Day $25
    • Non-SCASLA Member Ticket - Full Day $40 - Half Day $35


    Late Fees (April 18th - April 22nd @ 5:00pm) --- ENDED!

    • Member Ticket - Full Day $200 - Half Day $125
    • Non-Member Ticket - Full Day $250 - Half Day $175
    • Allied ASLA Member Ticket - Full Day $200 - Half Day $125
    • SCASLA Member Ticket - Full Day $30 - Half Day $25
    • Non-SCASLA Member Ticket - Full Day $40 - Half Day $35


    ---Tickets May NOT Be Purchased at the Door & NO Refunds are Accepted.

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    2016 Annual Meeting Agenda (6 LACES CEUs) 

      • 7:15-8:00am Registration/Continental Breakfast
      • 8:00-8:15am Welcome and President’s Message
      • 8:15-9:45am Education Session #1 Thomas Balsley
      • 9:45-10:30am Break/Vendor EXPO
      • 10:30am-12:00pm Education Session #2 Jason Sudy, Justin Robbins & Rick Stein
      • 12:00-1:10pm Lunch/Vendor EXPO
      • 1:10-2:40pm Education Session #3 Steven Litt
      • 2:40-3:25pm Break/Vendor EXPO
      • 3:25-4:55pm Education Session #4 James Urban
      • 4:55-5:00pm Adjourn/Closing Thoughts


    2016 Annual Meeting Sessions + Speakers Bios

    Educational Session #1: Uncommon Ground

    Speaker | Thomas Balsley, FASLA, Founder and Lead Designer of Thomas Balsley Associates

    Session Description: Mr. Balsley will make the case for the importance of urban revitalization in our profession’s sustainability efforts. By adopting new tactics and playing a more expansive role in the livability of our urban areas, we can reduce sprawl and its effects on our environment. Mr. Balsley’s urban parks, plazas, and waterfronts that have successfully transformed neighborhoods and cities of varying scale will be presented as case studies with particular emphasis on effective strategies for advocacy planning and public support, as well as specific design approaches that led to their public embrace. With each case and its compelling images will come the fascinating backstories of political intrigue, stakeholders with conflicting interest, and physical/environmental constraints that can be valuable nuggets of understanding when designing and managing design in the complex public realm.

    Tom's Bio: Tom is the lead designer of Thomas Balsley Associates, a NYC-based urban landscape architecture firm whose work has had a profound impact on the built environment and the quality of life in cities across the US. His unique fusion of creativity and innovation with public process has produced extraordinary spaces large and small, provocative and sublime. His firm’s portfolio of award-winning projects and competitions include Dallas’ Main Street Garden, Cleveland’s Perk Park, Tampa’s Curtis Hixon Park, Tokyo’s Gate City and Seoul’s Leeum Samsung Museum of Art.

    Closer to home, his highly acclaimed parks such as Riverside Park South, Gantry Plaza Park, Hunter’s Point South, Rockefeller Plaza and Capitol Plaza have helped to reshape NYC’s public realm. In the Spacemaker Press monograph “Thomas Balsley: The Urban Landscape”, NYT architecture critic Herbert Muschamp’s foreword states: “Balsley inscribes places with a dual portrait of nature and culture in modern dress.” He is the subject of the recently released monograph “Thomas Balsley Uncommon Ground” published by ORO with foreword by James Corner and essay by Ian Volner. He is also the 13th recipient of the ASLA’s highest honor, The Design Medal, for body of exceptional design work.


    Educational Session #2: The next disruptive technology. How autonomous cars will fundamentally reshape our cities, and why it should matter to you.

    Speakers | Jason Sudy, Justin Robbins & Rick Stein

    Session Description: Autonomous cars are coming. What was once a futuristic concept, often associated with pop culture films like Minority Report, is not only possible, but is coming very soon to a roadway near you. Autonomous cars are precisely what the term “disruptive technology” describes. It is technology that will fundamentally change much of what we know about personal transportation – changing our habits, our preferences, and our opportunities, and nothing will be more impacted by these changes than our cities.

    As city planners, we must be on the forefront of understanding this technology and how we can prepare for the potential impacts. This presentation will include modeled scenarios for potential impacts to roadway networks, neighborhood development, and site design. Specific planning tasks such as comprehensive planning and zoning code revisions will be discussed as well, as they will be instrumental in preparing for -and adapting to- this emerging technology.

    Jason Sudy, AICP, Founder of Side Street Planning

    Jason's Bio: Jason is the founder of Side Street Planning, a Columbus, Ohio firm specializing in neighborhood-scale planning in the context of regional strategies. In Jason’s 18 years of professional practice, he has pursued a specific interest in the relationship between our transportation choices and the resulting impacts on our infrastructure and the evolution of our cities.

    Jason is also a 10-year auxiliary faculty member at the Knowlton School of Architecture at the Ohio State University. After teaching the graduate-level Transportation Studio for several years, Jason directed a class focused around autonomous vehicles and driverless technology in early 2015. This professional and academic interest led to subsequent collaboration with Justin Robbins, AICP, and Rick Stein, AICP. 

    Justin Robbins, AICP, Senior Planner, OHM Advisors

    Justin's Bio: Experience in community planning, urban design, and architecture have given Justin an understanding of the physical, spatial, and policy aspects needed to create successful places.  Justin’s position as a planner/urban designer at OHM Advisors have focused on the connection between planning and the built environment, with a strong emphasis on communicating the future opportunities within a community.  Working with numerous communities throughout Ohio and Michigan, Justin has played a key role in the development of plans ranging from comprehensive, city-wide community plans down to site specific plans.   

    Rick Stein, AICP, Principal and Owner of Urban Decision Group

    Rick's Bio: Rick Stein is the Principal and Owner of Urban Decision Group – an urban planning and professional services firm that specializes in analysis and technology that impacts the planning and design process. Mr. Stein is also a trained and certified Urban Planner.  He received his Master of City and Regional Planning from the Ohio State University where he specialized in the utilization of technology to aid in the planning process. 

    Mr. Stein has worked in a variety of industries including:  architecture and planning, education, insurance and banking, utilities, telecommunications, and real estate market analysis, to name a few. In 2010 he founded the planning and professional services firm Urban Decision Group (UDG) with a focus on providing clear and timely information to decision makers.  


    Educational Session #3: Media and Landscape

    Speaker | Steven Litt, Art and Architecture Critic at The Plain Dealer

    Session Description: This presentation will focus on the changing media landscape – and how the media and the public view landscape. It’s a two-way perspective on how the media work in the age of high-tech, data-driven, web-focused platforms, and how the public is fascinated by and responds to news and criticism about landscape. Topics in the discussion will include the nature of contemporary media, the new velocity of the news cycle, topics related to landscape that the public finds fascinating, an understanding of the pressures faced by reporters and news organizations, and how landscape architects can be better equipped to speak publicly about their work and engage the public through the media

    Steven's Bio: Steven covers art, architecture, urban design, city planning and the visual arts in Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and the industrial Great Lakes region for The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer. His goals are to strengthen cultural activity, to build discerning audiences and to participate in the national discussion about the future of cities. 


    Educational Session #4: Six Things Landscape Architects Need To Get Right When They Design A Tree Space

    Speaker | James Urban, FASLA, ISA, Founder and Principal of Urban Trees + Soils

    Session Description: Landscape architects include trees in almost every project they create.  We must assume that there is a reasonable expectation on the part of their clients, users and the designer that these trees will grow to a mature size and live long and productive lives, providing many benefits to the design and community.  But all to often the trees do not perform to these expectations and every one is disappointed.  It is easy to blame poor maintenance or bad construction, the specifications were not followed or the trees were not watered or were over watered.  Rarely do landscape architects blame themselves for their part in the project as a reason why the trees failed. 

    This course will examine the most significant things that designers must get right in order to have the tree be successful. If these 6 principles are implemented correctly, most trees in Ohio will survive quite well with very little maintenance. 

    James' Bio:  James specializes in the design of trees and soils in urban spaces, and has written and lectured extensively on the subject of urban tree planting.  His 2008 book ‘Up By Roots: Healthy Trees and Soils in the Built Environment’, is one of the principle tree and soil references. In 2007 he was awarded the ASLA Medal of Excellence for his contribution the profession of Landscape Architecture. He is the 2013 recipient of the International Society of Arboriculture - Award of Achievement for long-term contributions to their profession.


    2016 OCASLA Vendor EXPO Registration

    • OCASLA Sponsor EXPO Table | FREE* 
    • Vendor EXPO Table | $550 (Includes 1 Lunch)
    • Vendor EXPO Lunch | $30 (Additional Lunches- Must Already Be Registered for EXPO Table) 

    *Vendor Table is included in Platinum and Gold sponsorships ONLY. Silver sponsors must pay the non-sponsor rate. See the Sponsorship Flyer for more details.

    Contact [email protected] with any questions or special setup requirements.

    Student Portfolio Table

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    OCASLA in conjunction with OSU and KSU will have a student portfolio table as well as a job postings table and board.



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