88 County Inventory

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    Have a potential site you want to add to the list? We need your help to inventory historic and cultural sites across Ohio’s 88 Counties.

    To help, you can e-mail [email protected] or fill out the survey below to assist HALS Ohio Chapter in finding:

    • Historic sites you know of across Ohio’s 88 Counties.
    • Organizations or individuals that have a deep understanding of your region's historic landscapes.
    • Databases or literature you think would help create an Ohio Historic American Landscape Survey inventory list.

    Historic landscapes that are good candidates for HALS documentation include "sites that are significant at the national, state, or local level. They can vary in size from small gardens to several thousand-acre national parks. In character, they range from designed to vernacular, from rural to urban, and from agricultural to industrial landscapes. Estate gardens, cemeteries, farms, theme parks, nuclear test sites, suburbs, and abandoned settlements all may be considered historic landscapes."
    - National Park Service: HALS 101: The Historic American Landscapes Survey