The Value of ASLA Membership

    "What value does a membership in ASLA bring to me?"

    ASLA works for you through...Awareness, Advocacy and Assistance

    Awareness - ASLA advocates for the profession

    ASLA is the collective voice of landscape architects to federal, state, and local legislators. ASLA's Government Affairs department works to ensure landscape architecture is applied to public policy and supports policies and programs that provide funding to landscape architecture projects. ASLA's 50 by 2010 campaign successfully added and upgraded licensure laws, achieving licensure in all 50 states. Members are equipped through the ASLA Advocacy Network to quickly and effectively communicate with policymakers as well as positively impact public policy and issues important to the profession.

    Advocacy - ASLA increases awareness of the profession

    Each year, ASLA's Public Relations and Communications department reaches millions of people, advancing awareness and appreciation of the profession through award-winning outreach efforts. ASLA and the chapters organize events throughout the year which build awareness and showcase the importance of landscape architecture such as National Landscape Architecture Month, Professional Awards, Sustainable Landscapes, social media, and much more.

    Assistance - ASLA is dedicated to helping members with professional resources and development

    ASLA offers free and discounted professional resources, including Standard Form Contract, Landscape Architecture Technical Information Series (LATIS), as well as Salary and Business Indicator Surveys. ASLA provides professional development and continuing education opportunities through the annual meeting as well as throughout the year with vendors and allied organizations.

    The next time someone asks you what the value of ASLA Membership is, tell them it is a triple A value of Awareness
    , Advocacy and Assistance. It is this value which makes a daily difference in the profession of landscape architecture and drives us to make a difference in the world.