Government Affairs

    The Ohio Chapter ASLA works on behalf of its members on state government issues related to the practice of landscape architecture and the built and natural environment in the State of Ohio. We also participate in ASLA national committees and activities that benefit our members, such as the National Licensure Committee that has successfully achieved enactment of landscape architecture practice acts in all 50 states. Ohio joined the ranks of practice act states in 2002 with the passage of HB 214.

    Landscape Architecture Practice Act Reinforced by Legal Memorandum

    A practice act, House Bill 214, governing landscape architecture was enacted in Ohio in 2002 as an update to the title act that has been in place for four decades. The Ohio Chapter ASLA surveyed the membership with regard to how the law is working. We learned that even after passage of the practice act, some licensed landscape architects encountered difficulty in having their LA seal accepted by some local and state government agencies, or have been denied the ability to compete for work that is within the scope of landscape architecture as defined in Ohio law. The Chapter commissioned a legal review of the Ohio landscape architecture practice law to assist our members who find themselves in this situation. A legal memo was prepared by attorney Mark Belleville with the firm of Calfee, Halter & Griswold. This memo outlines why the landscape architecture law supersedes local laws and state government agency rules and policies that have been cited to prevent LA's from competing for work or sealing drawings for work that is within the Ohio law definition of landscape architecture. If you experience difficulties in being permitted to submit qualifications or proposals for work within the scope of landscape architecture or in having your LA seal accepted for landscpae architectural work, please contact us for assistance at [email protected]